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ATLANT 4000 is designed for different kind of demolition work in the construction, cement and process industry. The machine allows to apply all types of most demanding tools. High productivity hydraulic system provides stable work and great performance even with strong attachments.


  • demolition of concrete structures: foundations, raft foundations, etc.;
  • demolition of jet-grouting pile heads;
  • demolition work in areas with chemical, toxic lesion;
  • demolition of dilapidated structures.
Underground construction:
  • dismantling resistant walls and punching;
  • sinking shafts;
  • disassembly of rocks.
Nuclear industry:
  • work in radioactive contamination areas.
Cement and steel industry:
  • cleaning and debricking of furnaces and melting units.
Unique demolition robot ATLANT 4000

With a reach of about 6 meters and a full 360-degree turning radius, ATLANT 4000 provides excellent access to the work area without the need for timeconsuming repositioning.

Crawler chassis makes moving at the job site more quick and easy. The combination of maneuverable undercarriage and the capacity to carry heavy tools makes the ATLANT 4000 very efficient. This machines are very productive both inside buildings and in open spaces.

ATLANT 4000 can be equipped with electric or diesel motor depending on work conditions.


  • breakers
  • concrete crushers
  • drilling equipment
  • drilling equipment
  • tunnel and mining equipment
  • clamshell buckets
  • side angling device
  • cut off saw
  • metal shears
  • scabblers
  • multi purpose grapples
  • sorting & demolition grapples
  • planers
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    ATLANT 4000 's remote control allows operator working out of danger zone. Operator remains at a safe distance, away from the negative impact of noise and vibration and falling debris.

    Technical data:

    Technical data:

    • Electric/diesel engine power - 30 kW
    • Weight of basic machine excluding attachment - 4100 kg
    • Breaker - SB302
    • Impact energy - >610 kJ
    • Impact rate - 600-1400 blows/min.


    • Slewing speed - 20 sec/360
    • Transport speed max. - 3 km/hour
    • Incline angle max. - 23

    Hydraulic system:

    • Pressure - 20 MP
    • Flow - 105 l/min.

    Control system:

    • Portable remote control
    • Transfer - Radio or cabel
    • Range, radio - 200

    Excavation during the tunnel construction, Moscow

    Excavation in the Moscow metro tunnel

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